Who needs to take the B+E Car & Trailer test?

Drivers who tow medium and large trailers using a car, van, or 4x4 usually require the Category B+E entitlement on their licence. Anyone who passed their car driving test before 1997, automatically acquired 'grandfather rights' for categories: B+E (car & trailer), C1 (7.5 tonnes), and D1 (minibus - not for hire or reward).

Drivers who passed their car driving test after January 1, 1997,  are only given the Category B entitlement, which allows them to drive a car, van, or 4x4 with a plated weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) no greater than 3,500kg. Vocational driving tests need to be taken to acquire additional categories at a DVSA Driving Test Centre.

Courses tailored to your needs.

At Ben Shaw Training Ltd we recommend that all B+E training candidates have an initial two-hour lesson before booking on to a course.

Please bring your photo card driving licence with you, so we can check your entitlements and the expiry dates on your licence (photos only last for 10 years!).

The lesson will be split between driving on the road, and reversing with the trailer. At the end of the lesson your performance will be discussed and a course recommended to suit you.

It's beneficial to come for the first lesson even if you are not planning on taking a course straight away. You will learn a lot which could be practised in your own time and hopefully improve your driving ahead of the test date.

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