Want to drive an ambulance or patient transport vehicle?

  • Most ambulances have a gross plated weight over 3,500kg due to the amount of equipment they carry.
  • Most patient transport vehicles have more than 8 passenger seats.
  • Drivers who passed their car driving test from 1st January 1997 can only drive up to 3,500kg with a maximum of 8 passenger seats!
  • An LGV C1 driving licence is needed to be able to drive most ambulances.
  • A PCV D1 driving licence is required to drive a patient transport vehicle with more than 8 passenger seats.

How to gain the LGV C1 or PCV D1 driving licence:

Knowing where to start with getting your licence can be very confusing. The Ben Shaw Training training advisors will guide you every step of the way...

First, some basic rules and terminology:

  • LGV means Large Goods Vehicle, which used to be called HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).
  • PCV means Passenger Carrying Vehicle. Formerly PSV (Public Service Vehicle) These name changes happened in the 1990's.
  • Licence category C1 allows you to drive a vehicle up to 7,500kg (7.5 Tonne).
  • Licence category D1 is for vehicles up to 16 passenger seats. PCV licence category D is needed for more than 16 passenger seats!
  • You can however choose to bypass the C1 or D1 driving tests by taking the larger C or D driving tests, if you prefer?
  • The Driver CPC is an extra qualification that is required for commercial LGV and PCV drivers. Ambulance drivers are exempt from the Driver CPC.

How to get started:

Step 1: You need to undergo a LGV/PCV medical. The doctor will fill in form D4.
Step 2: You need to fill in form D2 and send your licence off to DVLA to apply for your provisional entitlement for C1 or D1, or both!
Step 3: When you get your licence back with the provisional entitlement, you can then book either your LGV or PCV theory tests. You must pass both the Multiple Choice and the Hazard Perception tests. (If you are wanting to do both C1 & D1 you must do two lots of theory tests, LGV & PCV!).
Step 4: Once you have passed the relevant theory tests, then you can go on to take your practical driving test.

Ben Shaw Training will help you every step of the way...

We have the D2 and D4 forms. We have doctors in your area. We book your theory tests at a test centre close to you. We have a theory study package to help you pass your theory tests. We have modern easy to drive training vehicles. We will book your training and test on dates that suit you.