Basic Rules and Terminology

What vehicles can I drive on my car driving licence?
The 1st January 1997 saw the biggest change in the history of the driving licence. Anyone passing their car driving test before this date was fortunate enough to gain extra 'Vocational' licence category entitlements such as: B+E (Car & Trailer), C1 (7.5 Tonne), and D1 (Minibus). Driving test candidates who passed their car driving test after the changes came in only receive a B (Car) licence.

What does LGV mean?
LGV means Large Goods Vehicle, which used to be called HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle). The C1 (7.5 Tonne) is sometimes called MGV (Medium Goods Vehicle), but it is actually an LGV vehicle.

  • Licence Category C1 allows you to drive any rigid lorry up to 7.5 tonne MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) or Gross Weight. 
  • Licence Category C1+E allows you to drive a rigid lorry up to 7.5 tonne and trailer combination not exceeding a total combined train weight of 12 tonne.
  • Simply, when it comes to LGV licence categories: C means rigid, C1 is small rigid, and E means trailer. The same applies for B+E (B is car, E is trailer). And again for the PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) categories: D+E (D is bus or coach, E is trailer), or D1+E (minibus and trailer).
  • The Driver CPC - not to be confused with the 'Operator CPC' - is extra training for professional bus and lorry drivers who want to drive commercially. Basically there are two different LGV Driver CPC routes: The 'Initial Qualification' and the 'Periodic Training'. This topic is complicated and has a whole page devoted to itself. All you need to know here is that if you are planning on taking your LGV Cat. C test, and want to drive a truck for a living, then it is far better to go down the Initial Qualification route. And it's best to decide this before you go for your LGV theory tests.

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