Christmas Gift Voucher

Christmas Card 2015

Kick start your loved one into booking a course!

With less than a month to go until Christmas, it’s the last minute rush trying to find ‘that’ perfect present for someone who has everything!

At Ben Shaw Training Ltd we offer B+E (Car & Trailer) and LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) courses, and have a variety of different gift vouchers options available:

B+E Car & Trailer Initial 2hr Lesson
B+E Car & Trailer Full Course and Test
Trailer or Caravan Towing Improvement and Manoeuvring
Caravan Beginner Course
LGV Medical and Theory Test Package
LGV Cat. C1 (7.5 Tonne) Course and Test
LGV Cat. C (Class 2 Rigid) Initial 2hr Lesson
LGV Cat. C (Class 2 Rigid) Course and Test
LGV C+E (Class 1 Artic/Drawbar Trailer) 4hr Initial Lesson
LGV C+E (Class 1 Artic/Drawbar Trailer) Course and Test
LGV Ride-along as a passenger

B+E (Car & Trailer)

Drivers passing their car driving test after 1 January 1997 no longer receive the B+E (Car & Trailer), D1 (Minibus, or C1 (7.5 Tonne) Grandfather Rights! An extra vocational practical driving test must now be passed to have these entitlements added to your licence.


Winter is a great time to start planning summer holidays and weekend getaways! Caravanning is perfect for families, and couples alike. Alas, many people lack the confidence to actually hitch up an go… We offer courses for absolute beginners, which includes, siting and levelling up. How the electric system works, both 12 volt and 240. How the gas supply fuels the heating, cooker and fridge. How to use toilet facilities. Safe loading procedures. Manoeuvring and reversing, including the benefits of a motormover.

We also offer a shorter course for more seasoned caravaners that are familiar with using a caravan, but struggle manoeuvring and reversing.

LGV (Large Goods Vehicle)

Whether you’re planning a career change, or you’re wanting to drive a horsebox, or maybe even fancy fulfilling a dream of driving a truck just for the fun of it! We can provide assistance in all aspects of getting behind the wheel of a large vehicle. We also offer the chance to come on a ride-along as a passenger, giving you the chance to get a feel of the power and the size of a HGV!

Gift Voucher

Call us for a price of the different options. Don’t worry if you buy the wrong one, as we’ll happily change it for a more appropriate lesson for the same value.

Christmas Open Day

All are welcome to join us for our open day, Wednesday 30th December.

Ben Shaw Training Ltd

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