Upskill yourself by filling up you driving licence.

Filling up the category section on the back of your driving licence is not only satisfying in itself, but can also upskill you to ensure a secure career in driving…

Here is a cost effective way where you could gain an extra 9 licence categories by passing only 3 driving tests! (Drivers who passed their car driving test before 1997 will already have categories: B+E, C1 and D1).

Pass the Large Goods Vehicle C (rigid truck) driving test, and you will also gain the C1 (7.5 Tonne) licence.

Then pass the LGV C+E (Truck & Trailer) driving test, and you’ll also gain the B+E (Car & Trailer) licence, and the C1+E (7.5 Tonne & Trailer) category.

Once the LGV licences have been passed, you can move on to take the Passenger Carrying Vehicle D (Bus / Coach) test. Passing this test will also give you the PCV D1 (Minibus) category. However, because you have passed the larger LGV C+E trailer test, you then also gain the PCV trailer entitlements D1+E (Minibus & Trailer), and the D+E (Bus / Coach & Trailer)!

Here’s a recap of these licence categories gained:

  • B+E (Car & Trailer)
  • C1 (7.5 Tonne)
  • C1+E (7.5 Tonne & Trailer)
  • C (Rigid Truck)
  • C+E (Truck & Trailer)
  • D1 (Minibus)
  • D1+E (Minibus & Trailer)
  • D (Bus / Coach)
  • D+E (Bus / Coach & Trailer)

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